Beth Jolicoeur

Asheville, NC

As far back as I can remember I was spending my childhood drawing and painting. My parents would bring home pads of paper from their paper company which I would fill with “stories”. As I got older people would tell me I was talented and that I had a “gift”. In my early 20s I chose not to pursue my degree in graphic design. I began working in a frame shop where I could frame my own work and sold my paintings on the side. I stopped drawing and painting after my son was born to focus on raising him. Also I had horrendous back pain from a tear in a disc. In 2017 I had fusion and metal put in my back. Immediately after surgery my right hand would involuntarily shake. I felt as if I had taken my “gift” for granted. I immediately began drawing while rehabilitating my back. I told God that if he gave me my right hand back I would never stop drawing or painting again. Nightly I pray to God to guide my hand in His name to do His work. When I paint my thoughts become a whisper. Eventually the world around me becomes silent. My mind is only thinking of color and shapes. When I am done painting I feel a sense of peace that is like no other. My hope is that my work will make people happy, serene, and give them a sense of peace. Give them a moment to escape their troubles. And if I can do that then my “gift” is helping people and making the world a better place.

Various subjects, styles and mediums

Drawing, Watercolors and Acrylic

I am able to draw from life, paint from a photograph, and use watercolor & acrylic & oil paint. If you prefer a pencil or pen drawing I can do that too. I am able to create whatever it is that you want to see on your wall. Please contact me to inquire about pricing or any questions.


Still Life Pears